Available year-round, geocaching is a treasure hunting game and a part of fun and adventure, accessible to all ages. Using a GPS and a specific set of coordinates showing you the location of a cache [treasure], search these caches located on the mountain. Once the caches found, find a variety of treasures. With friends or family, become adventurous and discover this original activity.

Available on Tuesdays [morning] and Fridays only [afternoon]. Booking mandatory.

Additional details

>GPS are available starting at 10am in the morning.

>There is no GPS rental after 3pm, all machines must be returned before darkness.

>A crash-course on GPS handling is offered Monday to Sunday, at 10am, [reservation one day in advance mandatory].




$11/person $13/person


Free for children under 6 years old with an adult. $5 for an extra GPS. Booking 24 hours prior.


1.800.463.6888 #710